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Short BIO

DAWN GARCIA (CEO/Author/Journalist/Screenwriter/TV Host)

A journalist, author, screenwriter, editor and influencer with over 20 years experience in film and TV production. Once a makeup + special effects artist, the transition to writing came under the endorsement of Francis Ford Coppola.

She has published short fiction, short poetry and is the co-writer of “Drugs Sold Separately” a creative look at Art + Drugs through the eyes of Contemporary Artist + Entrepreneur, Louis Carreon.

She is the CEO + Editor-in-Chief of ATODMagazine.com, a Luxury Lifestyle + Culture Magazine. She is also the PRINT Editor and Writer for the Food+Culture section of LAPALME Magazine.

Dawn is a Los Angeles native that grew up under the influence of Old Hollywood, a mother of one and resides in Toluca Lake with her partner, Writer/Producer, Matthew Sanderson.

Little known facts: Her grandfather’s godfather was Poncho Villa. Her other grandfather was always Bob Hope’s favorite scratch golfer and was often called upon during big rounds. She can also make an incredible meal with nothing but leftovers and forgotten fridge items.

FOR INQUIRIES, contact Collin Reno at WME (William Morris Endeavor).


“Passion + Culture are the core of humanity.

Life is sexy. It’s exciting. Every day is full of color, movement, passion, and purpose. It exists in the threads of our clothing, the remnants of wine resting on your lips, the awaiting fare of unending flavor, the textures on the city walls, the cracks on the streets beneath us, the hum of the crowd of strangers among us, the strokes of paint on an awaiting canvas, the takes brought to life in the footage of a film.

Life is about being AWAKE. The best way to do that is to live with abandon, immerse yourself in culture and collaborate as often as possible.”

Dawn Garcia is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of ATOD Magazine {A Taste of Dawn}; a Luxury Lifestyle Magazine about living a cultured life.

“We live each day in search of something. Something to set our souls on fire.

Something to motivate us. Something to connect us.

Something to inspire us. Something to change the way we see the world.

Words are the threads that weave us together or the catalyst that tear us apart.

That’s why I write.

Writing is my oxygen. It’s the one place where words drip like candy

through the crevices of my mind and somehow, my hope is that

as they bleed out through my fingertips, they make a difference in this

big, bold, wildly intoxicating world.

After all, life is meant to be savored and no better way to do that

than to give those moments a little immortality …

Welcome to the strange renderings of my imagination and the conviction of my pen.”

 – Dawn Garcia

Dawn is a Member of: ASJA, Social Enterprise Alliance, YBA, USPA, German Daily News, Women Entrepreneur Club, The Leisure Society

She has been a JUROR of: OTH Seafood Festival Oyster Shucking Competition, International Design Awards, OLE Foto Awards