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Dawn Garcia is a writer, director, journalist, public speaker, die hard advocate of equality, and a firm believer that art will save humanity. While she started in makeup and special effects (worked in production on Steven Spielberg’s “Lost World” and with Placido Domingo at the LA Opera on 4 Operas), it was writing that stole her heart.


Her first writing opportunity came in 1998 with a chance encounter with Francis Ford Coppola. She wrote her first published piece of fiction in 1998 and has since gone on to be a contributing journalist, writer and editor to a multitude of publications, online and in print, including launching her own online magazine. She started her brand A Taste of Dawn {ATOD Magazine} to offer a support platform for filmmakers, artists, chefs, designers, and visionaries alike.


She has written several pieces of fiction, published over 1,000 articles, 1 book, completed three screenplays, developed two TV Series, multiple feature films, and is directing her first film this year (2018). She is represented by WME. Agent Contact: Collin Reno.


Dawn has also taken her love and passion of film and is a Founding Member of The Academy Museum that will be on the LACMA Campus in Los Angeles honoring the history of filmmaking through The Academy of Arts, Motion Pictures, and Sciences.


Little known facts: Dawn is Mexican, Spanish and Welsh. Her grandfather’s godfather was Poncho Villa. Her other grandfather was one of Bob Hope’s favorite scratch golfers and was often called upon during big rounds. She is also known for taking leftovers and forgotten fridge items and making a meal that might make you beg for seconds!


Dawn resides in Los Angeles with her daughter, Barcelona.


FOR TV + Film INQUIRIES, contact Collin Reno at WME – William Morris Endeavor | 310.285.9000


Dawn is a Member of: NYWIFT (New York Women in Film & TV), Women in Film Los Angeles, Women’s March Foundation,  NAHJ (National Association Hispanic Journalists),  ASJA (American Society of Journalists and Authors),, Social Enterprise Alliance, YBA, USPA, German Daily News, Women Entrepreneur Club

“The moment I met my sweet Barcelona, my entire life opened up into such a pool of possibility and wonder that I knew I would never see anything the same again. My daughter is my source of inspiration, the voice in my head reminding me to always make what I do count, and the driving force behind genuinely wanting to leave this world a far more beautiful place.

She is my everything and that joy and conviction is something I hope to always be acutely aware of.

After having lost my own mother when I was only 15, a part of me was utterly displaced and while loving another human being is soulful, loving my daughter is the beautiful gift I will never take for granted. To spend my life knowing whatever I do is no longer for me, but for her, that’s the stuff that dreams are made of. She is my sunshine, my moon and my stars …”