“Inspire hope and creativity.” — Dawn Garcia

Leyla Kader Dahm, Literary Manager | CSP Management 347.415.5776
Producer, Collin Reno | 310.490.3547


“Dawn brings her entire self to her projects From conception to finish. Dawn puts 100% of her knowledge and experience to everything she does in an easy and carefree way that is very refreshing. It’s amazing to work with someone who can conceptualize and direct others towards the vision. I have worked with Dawn on many projects over the years and she continues to impress me every time.”

Kevin Lapalme, Founder/CEO Lapalme Magazine


“You script was raved about by our analysts, and I know you’re in this game ‘for real'”.

Bob McCullough, Founder Los Angeles Screenplay Awards


“Dawn is the light you go to when the room is dark. She not only connects people, provides insightful articles on local and national events, but she has a pure heart. That’s not something you can say about someone you’ve only known a short time, but she is the same person I met 7 years ago. Beyond her exceptional abilities to tell stories and garner attention for them, she is a joy to work with and know.”

Angel Payne, Marketing AquAeTer


“One of the most detail oriented and prolific writers I have ever worked with. Capable of working on multiple projects and meeting deadlines. Excellent in connecting at an emotional level with the readers.”

Leon Drucker, Consultant (Worked together at Sensi Magazine)


“I loved how you developed the connection between Ana/Vanessa and Marian/Naomi and how the story unfolds little by little. I’m looking forward to reading more of your work! All the best and thank again!”

The Script House (Re: Spiraling)


“Just finished Dawn Garcia’s script, Spiraling. She has managed to pull the reader into the psychological mind of a middle-aged woman named Marian. She takes the reader on a roller coaster inside her head. Read her script! #WGASolidarityChallenge”

Christopher Gooley, Writer/Producer, Theatre


“You produce more work than most writers, and what you produce is not only strong, its both prolific and it’s quality.”

Leyla Kader Dahm, Literary Manager, CSP Management


“I gotta shout out to @atasteofdawn [Dawn Garcia]. She read my short and gave me excellent feedback/thoughts on what needs to be improved in the script! If you ever get a chance to be read by her, she is very helpful.”

Christopher Gooley, Writer/Producer, Theatre


“I started reading A Taste of Dawn Magazine online a while ago and I absolutely love it. Dawn writes and lives lie as one would hope everyone would, and her mission and motto says it all: Life is meant to be savored. And she’s right. Her style of writing is almost poetic, and draws you in especially when she is writing about food. It’s hard not to find yourself salivating at her tantalizing descriptions and that is where she, as a writer, is in a league all her own. ĀTÔD Magazine has become my go-to online source for where to eat, stay or play. Thank you Dawn for inspiring us all!”

Toni Berquist, Owner, The Agency: A Matchmaking Service for Luxury Professionals