“Passion + Culture are the core of humanity.

Life is sexy. It’s exciting.
Every day is full of color, movement, passion, and purpose.
It exists in the threads of our clothing, the remnants of wine resting on your lips, the awaiting fare of unending flavor, the textures on the city walls, the cracks on the streets beneath us, the hum of the crowd of strangers among us, the strokes of paint on an awaiting canvas, the takes brought to life in the footage of a film.

Life is about being AWAKE.

The best way to do that is to live with abandon, immerse yourself in culture and collaborate as often as possible.”

– Dawn Garcia

ATOD Magazine

{A Taste of Dawn}
A Magazine about living a cultured life …



“She’s got everything she needs;
she’s an artist, she don’t look back.”

– Bob Dylan

white lies + alibis

a gourmet popup dinner series



This little love of mine is always my center. The reason for absolutely everything good and wonderful