SPIRALING is an Award-Winning Short Film written and created by Dawn Garcia.

Notable Ratings

Coverfly Top 3%




SHORT LIST RECIPIENT: Coverfly Pitch Week Fall 2020

Winner, Lonely Wolf International Film Festival -September 2020

Winner, Prague International Monthly Film Festival – July 2020

Winner, Venice Shorts – July 2020

Winner, Los Angeles International Screenplay Awards – 2019/2020 Holiday Season

Official Selection, Chicago Indie Film Awards, October 2020

Official Selection, Cyrus Monthly Film Festival – October 2020

Official Selection, Best Script Awards – July 2020

Official Selection, The Industry Next III 2020

Semifinalist, 5th Filmmatic Short Screenplay Awards

Semifinalist, The Industry Next IV: Social Justice 2019/2020

Quarterfinalist, PAGE Awards – PAGE International Screenwriting Awards Competition 2019


GENRE | Drama, LENGTH | 22 pages

LOGLINE | Marian is doing her best to live life after the tragic death of her husband and son, but when she makes a choice to leave her fate in the hands of suicide hotline rookie who is grappling with adulthood, Ana, and what follows will change their lives forever.

WRITER’S MESSAGE | In a world where falling apart is our daily norm, I wanted to tell a thoughtful and compassionate story about the impacts of trauma—and humanize that. While we all struggle to find our footing, especially in present time amid a pandemic, story and hope matter. My hope is it makes someone out there feel seen. We need connection, not division.

WHY THIS FILM | Every 40 seconds, someone attempts suicide. — World Health Organization

Suicide affects us all and I wanted to show a complicated, yet honest story about survival, loss, and the strength of women in the midst of brokenness and fragility. We need each other so much more than we let on, and Spiraling is our road back to that while breaking type casts and having a long overdue conversation about suicide—and hope.

SPIRALING is a film that tackles the state of our well-being as human beings.

While the world battles an unsettling lack of purpose and belonging, suicide rates have never been higher, anxiety never as prevalent, racism totally polarized, and mental well-being never more in jeopardy.

We are unraveling every day. How any of our stories are untold?

Spiraling is now also a TV Series and is a love letter to humanity. It’s a call-to-action to act with compassion, conviction, and honesty.  Above all, it’s a series of understanding and hope.


A screenplay adaptation of Oscar Wilde’s, Dorian Gray.

GENRE | Drama, LENGTH | 134 pages

LOGLINE | The story of a man ruled by desire, lost in loneliness, all the while being haunted by his sins with a painting that tells the tales of his brokenness.

WRITER’S MESSAGE | A literary masterpiece, this adaptation of Wilde’s most prolific piece of work, is true to the literary wiles it deserves. With robust and endearing characters like Lord Henry, Basil Hallward, Sibyl and James Vane, and an onslaught of those from dingy playhouse owners to aristocracy, this film has murder, suicide, betrayal, loss, beauty, passion, comedy, and love.

Will Mister Gray have the life he wishes or will he destroy everything in his path …

WHY THIS FILM | Taking place in London in the late 1800s, the story of Dorian Gray is one that is oddly relatable. Through the obsession of youth, power, and beauty, Gray is willing to sacrifice his soul for eternal youth. 


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