Los Angeles native, Dawn Garcia is an award-winning writer, magazine editor and journalist whose road to get where she is today has been a rather colorful journey. With experience in network marketing and advertising, production, and publishing, she has written books, films, short fiction, TV Series’, and magazines. Her journey began as a makeup and special effects artist, evolved into working in Advertising for a major TV Network, and eventually led her to her ultimate calling: storytelling. Known for her work ethic and impeccable taste in design and aesthetics, she continues to fight for quality content, diversity, inclusion, and innovation in the entertainment industry.

Dawn is Irish, Spanish, British and Mexican with a passion for words. An equality activist, mother, lover of film and culture, her family origin is steeped in old Hollywood nostalgia and is peppered with unfathomable loss. Writing is her refuge, and her first love.

She lives in Southern California with her daughter Barcelona, her partner, his son, a dog and two cats. She searches for meaning in everything.

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In my life, I opted for the dream, the mental fatigue of working my ass off, of never faltering even when I wanted to. I chose motherhood over marriage, personal growth over making shoddy choices, being smart instead of giving in to being lonely. I chose to support my friends and colleagues—actors, chefs, publicists, agents, athletes, comedians, writers, filmmakers, lobbyists, social activists, environmentalists, dot-commers, artists, designers, visionaries—those that continue to break barriers, say to hell with the status quo, and who don’t run with the pack, instead they lead the charge. I choose not to compete with them but rather hold myself to a similar standard.

I have opted for self-respect, integrity, and to fight for what is right. I have chosen to live a life I won’t regret because being a woman—a strong, fierce woman, filmmaker and mother—means I make no excuses. I stand tall, work hard, know my limitations, and I play to my strengths.

I am highly imperfect and gloriously flawed.


Annual Juror for the International Design Awards (2014-2021)

Juror for the Cannes Film Awards 2021

Founded Lifestyle & Culture publication ĀTÔD Magazine {A Taste of Dawn}

Managing Editor, Travel/Arts/Culture Editor and Guest Editor for several publications including Sensi Magazine Southern California, LAPALME Magazine, MOTO Spirit Magazine, Robb Report: Robb Vices



Founding Member | The Academy Museum

Board Member | African Tourism Board

Women In Entertainment (WIM)

Women In Media


J. Paul Getty Trust Associated Press

Society of Environmental Journalists


LA Press Club




Leadership Council, Los Angeles LGBT Center #ResistanceSquad

Women’s March Foundation Los Angeles

People’s Action

Children’s Hospital Los Angeles

Free Arts Los Angeles

Equality California

Operation Smile


Dawn is an advocate of racial and gender equality and believes human rights are inherent. Her mission in life is to a part of systemic change, to see the scales balanced that end social, racial, and gender inequity in this nation (and the world). Her lifelong legacy is one where she has contributed to a world where togetherness is the norm and unity is the most fundamental truth we know—and practice.


ADVERTISING COORDINATOR + EXEC ASST | BET Network, Warner Music Group, Universal Music Group

FILM/TV/FASHION/THEATRE | Makeup Artist, Special Effects Artist, Hairstylist



  • I have a secret pseudonym (or three).
  • I’ve been to 23 countries and provinces.
  • I love a good dare.
  • Spiders love to bite me. (Spidey sense better be coming soon!)
  • My dream meal is a trough of nachos.
  • I have been in the mosh pit of five Fishbone and Primus concerts.
  • I was in labor with my daughter for three days.
  • My favorite authors are Anäis Nin and George Sand.
  • My modern day she-roes include Alexandria Orcasio-Cortez, Jane Goodall, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Kathryn Bigelow, Phoebe Waller-Bridges, Ava DuVerney, and so many more.
  • I love Monty Python.
  • I did special effects, used jackhammers and chop saws, and laid rebar for the T-Rex’s in Lost World: Jurassic Park. I can also point out which Mercedes Benz trailers I helped weld together.
  • I believe cannabis is way safer, smarter, and healthier than alcohol.
  • My grandmother (dad’s mom) used to sing on the radio in México and when she came to America with her sisters and brother, she was hired by Max Factor as his secretary.
  • My grandfather (mom’s dad) was one of Bob Hope’s favorite scratch golfers and was often called upon during big rounds, and he could make you laugh in any situation.
  • My grandmother (mom’s mom) was among the first to work at See’s Candy in Santa Monica in the 1940s and lived until she was 98 years-young.
  • I love to cook, can take leftovers and forgotten (but still good) fridge items and make a meal that might make you beg for seconds!